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The Jazz me blues

Down in Louisiana in that sunny clime,
They play a class of music that is super fine,
And it makes no difference if it's rain or shine,
You can hear that jazzin' music playin' all the time.

It sounds so peculiar 'cause it's really queer,
How its sweet vibrations seems to fill the air,
Then to you the whole world seems to be in rhyme;
You'll want nothin' else but jazzin', jazzin' all the time.

Every one that I ever came to spy, hear them loudly cry:
Oh, jazz me!
Come on, Professor, and jazz me!
Jazz me!


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  Originally written in 1920 by Tom Delaney, and recorded over the years by Bix Beiderbecke, the Original Dixieland Jazz Band and many others.

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